As you watch others land clients and gain popularity, you think:

Dammit, that should be me.

Your vision isn’t to work a few hours a day from a coffee shop. It’s not to make 50K a year. It’s not to fiddle around with this freelancing thing until you finally go in-house. Nope. You’re a badass - no boss could hold you down. And it’s time the world felt the force of your awesome.

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The complete excellence program for badasses, ballers and brilliant minds.

  • A dedicated Slack community - where the difficult convos that build supernova businesses happen
  • Structured biz-exploding training dripped out every month: Get Instant access to The Foundational Module (to set you up right) and a new module each month, for 7 months
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There’s a rebellious force inside of you that’s in direct conflict with “freelancing life”

My life and my business changed the day a brilliant business coach told me this:

It’s okay to work weekends.

For years I’d felt like I was doing something wrong when I worked hours that other people at boring day jobs didn’t work. I’d roll my eyes and excuse my crazy day with dismissive comments like, “Yeah, I work too much.” And then I’d head to my desk after dinner and work there until bedtime. Blissfully.

I wasn’t a workaholic. I’m not a workaholic. But I’m not a freelancer either.

You and I are entrepreneurs. We’re building something bigger than ourselves.

The idea behind “going freelance” is that you’ll have a pseudo-job. You’ll roll out of bed at 11am. Work in your PJs. Live contentedly on the salary of Uncle Ned, the produce manager. And somehow find joy and fulfillment each day.

I’ve always wanted more than that. Way more.

Perhaps you’re the same as moi. Perhaps you don’t like wasting the day lying in bed. Perhaps you don’t think it’s a burden to brush your teeth before noon. Perhaps you’re not a freelancer but an entrepreneur. And perhaps that’s why this whole freelancing life hasn’t really... well, hooked you yet.

The problem is the myth of “the freelance lifestyle” has reduced your badass nature, drive and talent to part-time wordsmithing

You’re bigger than a freelance copywriter. Sure, the idea of living on your own terms, going for long lunches with friends, giving yourself three-day weekends and taking December off is all great. But for any of that to work, you need the most obvious thing: money. While other freelance copywriters chip away at buying the life they’ve been promised, YOU can put your badass ambition to work starting now...

The harder you work, the luckier you get.
The more uncomfortable you are, the better life gets.

image description Your primary coach and
the creator of Copyhackers:
Joanna Wiebe

There is nothing special about me. Yet I have a seven-figure copywriting business. And an agency that turned in seven-figures before its first birthday party. And I’ve got a network that makes me pinch myself to be sure this isn’t a dream - I’m not still stuck in a cube-farm, battling to get my ideas heard.

You do not have to be a special little snowflake to build a kick-ass business as a copywriter. You don’t need a sugar momma or daddy. You don’t need heaps of luck. You don’t need to be a genius.

So what DO you need?

Prepare yourself. Cuz this is about to get super-unsexy.

The #1 trait the top freelance copywriters share: they keep showing up.

With full love to the copywriter community, there are a TON of freelance copywriters looking for quick wins. They give up when the “wins” fail. And that’s good for me. See, their laziness has been my advantage. It is also your advantage. If you’ve got a half-decent work ethic, some stubbornness and a little imagination, you can leap well over your competition and make a name for yourself. And THAT is how you start making real money.

I’m Joanna Wiebe, the founder of Copyhackers, the original conversion copywriter and a “freelancer” playing the long game. I work hard. I play hard. I do scary things until they stop being scary. And I’ve got a wonderfully profitable business. Want something like that? I can teach you how I got it.

Introducing The 10x Freelance Copywriter, THE on‑demand mini‑mastermind for the world’s most ambitious copywriters

We’ve taken everything we’ve seen and done over the course of four rounds of The Copywriter Mastermind... and turned it into this comprehensive, fluff-free mini-mastermind. For freelance copywriters with hunger. And hustle.


Want big fish clients to reach out to you? Want to turn away more clients than you take on? Want to wake up to an inbox with cool invitations to go on podcasts, collaborate and more? You’ll start building your authority ASAP.


You didn’t become a freelancer to run a business... but now that you’re here and you see huge opportunity, it’s time to master the business side of it all. You’ll see what to spend your time on and how to get more results for time spent.


Either you control the relationship - or your client does. See what tricks to pull and moves to make to keep the upper hand in your relationship. So you can love your clients and do your best work for them.


Doesn’t matter if you write SEO copy. If you’re into conversion copy. Or if you spend your days dreaming up taglines and concepts. Bring all the creativity and drive that make you so powerful and let the training shape you.

Whether you’re a brand new freelancer or you’ve been in this
game for years, The 10x Freelance Copywriter will coach you to
translate your energy into something bigger, better and more
to your ambition than just “freelance gigs”...

This is based on everything we’ve learned and seen in
The Copywriter Mastermind, an exclusive group
that requires a $4,000 to $12,000 investment

Some of the brightest names in copywriting today kickstarted their businesses
inside The Copywriter Mastermind by Copyhackers. Here’s what they said...

image description

The Copywriter Mastermind transformed into The 10x Freelance Copywriter, a strategically paced mini‑mastermind training program

Like its retired ancestors, it was built on the foundation of strong coaching and access to the community you crave when you’re fighting to stay focused (while stuck in the Venus fly trap of your “freelancing freedom”)...

Let me tell you the one thing every “I took a single psych course for a semester in college” biz coach, run-a-single-6-fig-launch-while-spending-6-figs-in-ads guru and “I read Eat, Pray, Love five times” expert prattling on about building a passion-first freelancing business conveniently forgets to mention:

Freedom kills businesses.

Just like water kills plants. Oxygen puts out fires. And too many triple-shot almond-milk vanilla lattes turn creatives into jittery messes in desperate need of carbs.

Freedom is a siren, singing oblivious freelance copywriters to their doom.

It’s the deadliest obstacle you’ll encounter on your entrepreneurial quest. Because:

Without structure, your life-giving biz will crush you under the unwieldy weight of endless possibilities.

Maybe you’ve felt it.

Maybe you’re living it right now.

Maybe it started with the urge to create your definitive digital course (just like all your fave, super-successful copywriters). And that urge led to nights of staying up until 2am in a dark-chocolate-fueled frenzy until you got the outline just so...

...Your notepad was about ready to explode with ideas about your future launch. You’d picked out the GIFs for your sales emails, slacked some potential beta-testers and finalized the bonus that would take your offer from good to outta-this-universe-awesome...

...Only to close down that folder, shelf the notebook and get torn away from the dream course by the sudden, irresistible desire to launch your first productized service. (‘Cause you need something easy to sell to your leads.) And just as your process and sales page is taking shape, just as the first promising testimonials from your test runs are coming in, you realize you’ve been forgetting the obvious.

You NEED to write a book. Like… yesterday. Everyone that’s anyone wrote a book before launching a course, right? That’s what will make you the irresistible, top-of-your-game copywriter you need to be to raise your rates, finally feel confident in your abilities and launch all the stuff you’ve been planning.

This cycle goes on. And on. Until you have dozens of half-finished ideas scribbled down on post-its stuck to your fridge, littering your desk and sticking to your monitor.

Without the structure to help you finish and prioritize your ideas...

Without the community of strong, ambitious biz-owners going through the same eternal struggle to keep you grounded...

Freelancing freedom will kill you before you have a real chance to start.

The 10x Freelance Copywriter gives you the structure you need to bridle your freedom and the community you need to prod you into action

The number one thing successful freelance copywriters do is this:

They keep showing up.

But it’s a lot easier to keep showing up when you’re surrounded by badass folks aiming up, up and waaay past the second star on the right.

Our masterminders have started companies together. Taken on projects together. Pushed each other to shed their comfort zones, aim higher, dream bigger.

Inside our mini-mastermind community, there’s no room for guilt, excuses or “shoulds.” What you’ll find inside is this: your people. The ones you’ve been searching for. You’ll find support, advice and a well-placed kick up the backside.

This community is how you will rise faster and higher than your imposter-syndrome wants you to. Because it will keep you honest. It will keep you going. And it will keep you from wasting time repeating mistakes others have already made.

image description

Students like Val Geisler saw one success after
another when applying everything inside
The 10x Freelance Copywriter

“Thanks to 10xFC, I got the kick in the pants to write my email onboarding tear downs weekly and they've brought in more prospects than any other marketing strategy I've ever tried. I published a guest post on the InVision blog and was immediately asked to become a regular contributor there. I've just finished a call with Stripe Atlas about contributing to their guides, and earlier today I pitched a SoW exactly as Jo walked us through in Module 4. I quoted $14k (twice what I likely would have normally) and they didn't balk! And another dream client hired me to rewrite their onboarding.

All that to say that I'm swimming in amazing work and prospects who are dream clients and I probably wouldn't have pushed myself to do these things without WWJWD (What Would Joanna Wiebe Do) ringing in my ear.

I'm sharing all of these company names and wins not to brag but to celebrate. Do the work. Put this stuff into action and it pays off, friends. I want this amazing feeling for every single one of you.”

Val Geisler

The 10x Freelance Copywriter will arm you with the no-BS
strategies and techniques to 10x the best of your business

The moment you join, you’ll instantly get access to the mastermind Slack community and the Foundational Training module, so you can gift your biz the structure it needs to thrive.
Then every month for the next 7 months, you’ll get a new freedom-creating module covering opportunities like:

  • How you can wake up to money (instead of stressing about your cashflow at 3am)
  • Why your proposals keep getting shot down - or ignored
  • The mindset shift you need to adopt NOW to stop “fiddling around” as a freelancer
  • How to actually be your own boss
  • How to take those 4-day weeks you’ve been dreaming of
  • Insights into how you can control every billable hour in the day
  • What I did to become the go-to copywriter in my industry, and what you can do too
  • How to put your Unfair Advantage to work
  • Facepalm-ingly simple ways to win in early convos with prospects, like sales calls
  • Pricing your services
  • The art and science of The Copywriting Proposal
  • What you need to do immediately to make your clients love your copy
  • Navigating the scariest waters in the Client Game
  • How to scale <-- where the money starts flowin’ in easy
  • The necessity of cutting just one thing out of your life for max growth
  • Whom to surround yourself with (the exact roles and where to find these folks)
  • How to prioritize everything on your wishlist so that you’re running your biz
    (instead of the other way around)

As you put your new ideas into practice, questions will flood your brain.
Questions like:

  • What are these “day rates” I keep hearing about?
  • How much should I charge for productized services?
  • How do I deliver productized services? What are people doing right and getting wrong?
  • Is $1000 too much to charge for a day? Too little? What are you even meant to deliver in a day!?
  • Is there ever a time I should give my services away?
  • I really want this one client - but I’m scared my prices are too high. What should I do?
    I really don’t wanna scare them away...
  • What’s the difference between charging for copywriting vs content writing?
  • How do I avoid getting screwed over with a retainer?
  • Where are the Big Fish clients and how do I hook ‘em?
  • Should I start an agency?
  • Should I partner with design agencies?
  • Should I go in-house?
  • How can I stop pissing away time on “content marketing”?
  • What’s the best content to create when I’ve got almost no time to create it?
  • Does blogging still work? Guest blogging?
  • Should I start a YouTube channel? Or go on TikTok?
  • Does social media marketing for my biz still matter?
  • What can I do to get conferences to invite me to speak?
  • How do I partner on eBooks or webinars with cool businesses?

With channels like #client‑talk, #copy‑tunities and #copy‑mafia,
the convos are rich, encouraging and some of the finest education you’ll get...

image description

With content that performs.


With easy-action techniques for charging more.


With a stronger network and bigger voice.

Push yourself waaay outside your comfort zone in the (safe) company of growth-focused freelance copywriters

Our private mastermind community Slack group will be there to catch you when you start stumblin’. It is a safe space that’s 100% free of excuses, sales pitches and whining. If you complain, it needs to be a productive complaint - that is, you HAVE to look for a solution to the problem you’re having. And if others complain, you HAVE to help bring them back on track. Oh, and the best rule: everything that happens in Slack stays in Slack. Break a rule? You’re out.

This Slack community is what your old office water cooler wishes it was like. It’s the place you go to grow. To get perspective. To figure out how you can put our training into practice. To get the push you need to keep on going when it’s the last thing you want to do.

You get:

  • A general watercooler channel for day to day impromptu discussions (like whose office pet gets to take home the ultimate crown)
  • Dedicated channels for specific topics, like #copy-tunities, #client-acquisition and #copymafia
  • Space for private DM discussions (great if you want to pair or group up with accountability partners)
  • Weekly Office Hours with our two freelance copywriting experts…
  • Dedicated Badassadors → key community members there to help you and share what they know

MEET YOUR EXPERT: AMY POSNER - copy and biz growth

image description

A veteran direct response copywriter, Amy Posner has been featured on podcasts like The Copywriter Club, where she’s shared incredible case studies. She regularly lands contracts for projects over $20,000. And when she led The Copywriter Mastermind 3 for a month, the masterminders raved. (That’s why she also led TCM4.)

For clear, direct and proven tips and techniques on growing your business and excelling as a copywriter, Amy Posner is the best.

OFFICE HOURS: Ask Amy anything in Slack every other Thurs at 9am Pacific / noon Eastern.

MEET YOUR EXPERT: JOANNA WIEBE - copy, content and biz growth

image description

The original conversion copywriter, Joanna Wiebe is the CEO of Copyhackers, the top online space for learning to write copy that converts and the founder of the Copyhackers Agency.

Joanna’s been invited to speak on 100+ international stages, including Mozcon and INBOUND, and has spent the last 15 years optimizing copy for small businesses, huge businesses and cool companies like Intuit, BT, Tesco, Canva, MetaLab, Buffer and Wistia.

OFFICE HOURS: Ask Joanna anything in Slack every other Thurs at 9am Pacific / noon Eastern.

  • Get specific coaching on exactly what you’re dealing with right now.
  • Don’t settle for one person’s POV! A ton of
    the time, both coaches
    will weigh in to help you. (Plus other freelancers!)
  • With Office Hours every Thursday you’ll never go it alone again...
image description
  • Post questions the night before Office Hours, or post live and chat back-and-forth with the coaches.
  • Talk with the coaches about pricing, authority-building and how to get more leads to convert.

If you’re beyond ready to stop watching opportunity whoosh by,
join The 10x Freelance Copywriter and get:

  • Instant access to a Slack-based mastermind community that will be the key to your growth
  • Instant access to on-demand coaching, like the Foundational Freelancer Module
  • 7 growth-focused on-demand coaching modules, delivered once a month for 7 months
  • Weekly one-hour Office Hours with your coaches on Slack
  • Full access to Slack plus all session recordings and replays for as long as you’re a member

Get instant roi with

A 10x version of your business is NOT focused on short-term wins. That said, most freelancers are pretty hard-up for cash a lot of the time. So we’ll tackle short-term cash-happy wins with training on cold emails, getting referrals, using your network, working with agencies and strategically selecting job postings.

10x your investment

Every single successful copywriter you know is playing the long game (even if they appeared overnight). We’ll get you planting richer seeds with smart content, insights into whether you seek out speaking gigs, tips for stronger guest blogging and the piece de resistance: list building. So you can stop living invoice to invoice.


Even better than a mastermind!

With 10xFC, you’ll get seven modules of training covering everything we’ve discussed on repeat in masterminds - from prospect calls to productized services

  • image description
    Module 1
  • image description
    Module 2
  • image description
    Module 3
  • image description
    Module 4
  • image description
    Module 5
  • image description
    Module 6
  • image description
    Module 7
Newbie copywriter Katie Thies tripled her rates and owns client calls now
image description
Katie Thies
10xFC 2018
and TCM4

“I’ve gotten to a place where when newbie freelance copywriters (which sounds silly for 8-months-old me to say) ask me how to grow their business, all I want to say is “buy 10x Freelance Copywriter - it will change everything.”

Before I watched the course, I had worked on a project for $750. After the course, $2.5k. I’m putting together an SoW I feel pretty good about right now for $6k. It’s part from your personal encouragement and coaching, and a big part from the confidence 10xFC gave me to own the sales process like a pro.

Before the course, I didn’t even know what to say on a discovery call and I had to keep my prices low to have a shot at closing. Now, I know exactly what to do.

I had tried other people’s advice on general “sales” - but all of it was too non-specific.

Now, with only 8 months experience, I have an exact roadmap on how to become one of the best paid freelance copywriters. I never could have done that without 10xFC.”

Betsy Muse tripled her billings and loved the high calibre of students...
image description
Betsy Muse
10xFC 2018 - 2020

“10X Freelance Copywriter lit a fire under my business! After taking 9 months away in 2017, I was starting 2018 fresh with just a handful of clients.

With a focus on streamlining and automating tasks, I rebuilt a smarter business that allowed more time for client work. In fact, I tripled my billings before I completed the course and my business has continued to grow exponentially.

A benefit to 10XFC that you won’t see listed on a sales page is the caliber of students Joanna attracts. The copywriters in the course were serious about their craft and I found tremendous value in the fresh ideas and feedback they offered.

Since completing the course, I show up every day excited about the business I’m building. It’s evident in the relationships I have with my clients and the paid invoices I have at the end of each month.”

Chanteuse Marie attracted the dreamiest client she had on her wishlist…
image description
Chanteuse Marie
10xFC 2018 - 2019

“If you’re hoping to scale your freelance business, you only need to ask: ‘What would Joanna Wiebe do?’ The answer is laid out in impressively comprehensive detail inside 10x FC.

After implementing just a few of Joanna’s authority-building strategies, I attracted better leads and opportunities. A popular life coach — lauded by Oprah, Tony Robbins, and Arianna Huffington — even slid into my DMs to book a call with me. No biggie.”

And never fear! You’re completely free to change
your mind. You can cancel ANYTIME.

No matter which subscription you choose when you join The 10x Freelance Copywriter, you can cancel anytime. We won’t need to see your homework. Simply cancel payments, and we’ll call it a day. So if you get too busy to participate. If you exhaust every question you’ve ever had. If you decide to go in-house. Or if you get abducted by aliens (who have access to wifi so you can cancel). Simply cancel your subscription by emailing And you won’t pay another dime. Click here for more information.

Turn your ambition into a thriving copywriting business

Choose your plan, and get instant access to the Slack-based mastermind community, dedicated office hours with Jo and Amy once a week and instant access to the foundational module of the 7-module structured training that will transform your biz.

  • A dedicated mastermind Slack community - where the hard, life-changing conversations and insights really happen
  • Instant access to Module 1 and a new module released each month, (for 7 months) getting your structured mastermind training dripped out every month
  • Weekly one-hour dedicated Office Hours each week with Jo or Amy
  • First right of refusal for in-person retreats

I’m ready to transform my biz

Get access for a year
Join for the year

I wanna try this out first

Go month-to-month
Join month-to-month
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